What’s your dream theme for your wedding?

As a wedding stylist, I’m often asked ‘which was your favourite wedding?The weddings that stand out for me are the ones with a very specific personality more than just a colour theme – , but where I get the chance to know more about the couple. The theme could be something that has brought them closer together like their shared holidays, or maybe favourite tv programmes,films or books: the list is endless.

I strongly believe that your wedding day is your chance to make it your own, a statement about you as a couple. Also a way to make it memorable for you and your guests. A friend of mine told me about how he and his wife met on the TV show Deal or No Deal  and so their wedding featured a red box and a note from the banker. Another bride had stormtroopers from Star Wars to walk her down the aisle. Two different elements that suited these couples to a tee, also giving others an insight into their relationships and setting what we now call #weddinggoals  

I know that when I say a themed wedding some with a shudder at the thought, thinking it will be fancy dress or even dare I say it tacky. But it doesn’t need to be: there are so many options available now that a theme can be represented in everything from table names and centerpieces, to back drops and favours. Even down to the shoes the bride wears

My advice  would be if you have a theme, commit to it. This isn’t the moment for less is more! You want the theme to carry throughout your day and blink you will miss it. The guests who know you really well, will cotton on immediately and for those who don’t, it will provide a talking point! It’s your wedding day – one of the very few days in your life that will be all about you – so make the most of it!

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